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The company was founded by Nicolas Glorieux in September 2010. It's a young company, ready to thrive on any challenge. Because of its mature developer background, The company is highly capable in all web related programming. This ranges from web applications and web sites on the desktop to smart phones or stand alone mobile apps.

2011 is the year of multi-platform development for mobiles, one of the easiest way to get quick results is to use hybrid applications. The performance of smart phone's web engines have improved, and sluggishness is no more an issue. A simple web application can get you there, but you won't have the feeling of using a real application. That is why hybrid applications are the way to go. By embedding a browser view in an application, you get the speed of development of a web page and any native code required can still be introduced to overcome any difficulties. Simply put, you get the best of both worlds.

Companies in 2012 have change their mind it seems, Hybrid apps are not favored anymore, though devices continue to deal better with HTML5, there is a huge comeback for native apps. Maybe the arrival of a new screen size for iPhone™ will change the deal again.

Our motto

if a project is do-able, consider it done, if it is impossible, it may take a little longer. No task is too big or too small, any projects will be considered.


Who we helped already

Babel Networks Ltd.

Elsys Design

CommProve Ltd.
Wild Moka




A few screenshots of our creations

commprove UI made by glorieux networks


Modification of the Open Source JasperServer and new plugins for iReports

commprove UI made by glorieux networks


Modification of the Open Source JasperServer and new plugins for iReports

SCOPIA Mobile for Android contribution by glorieux networks


Development of SCOPIA Mobile for Android app

gazzetta app improved by glorieux networks

Babel Networks

iOS upgrade and banners overlay for ads

WeatherStationFree converted by glorieux networks


Conversion of the iPad app WeatherStationFree™ to Android

My tribe application developped by glorieux networks


Analyze the feasibility of developing cross-platforms Web applications for multiple mobile phones, were the devices ready to support HTML5 and CSS3?

WebStudio UI developped by glorieux networks

Alcatel Lucent

WebStudio™ extends the OpenPlug tools family to allow you to leverage HTML5 technologies in your apps without friction. WebStudio is a one-stop shop for simulating, debugging and packaging your web app code into apps.

fidelio android app developped by glorieux networks


Development of an embedded Android app for movie theaters for hardware Haipad™


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